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Fiber Distribution Frame (FDF)

Patch Cords

Our FDF also referred to as ODF is a cross connect application for backbone, access and transmit networks.

The access from the front and the unique design arrangement for adaptors helps increase maintenance  and work efficiency.

Designed for the distribution of high-density optical fiber our FDF With its large capacity, can be utilized by providing for future expansions of an optical network.

Connectorisation Type
LC, FC, SC, SCAPC and E-2000

Fiber count
12, 24, 48 and 96 in 1U-4U heights with cable manager.

Customised and tailor made to suit the client needs.

  • Fiber protection from accidental damage.
  • Clear identification mark for distributing patch cords
  • Configuration is flexible open to expansion and upgrade.
  • Cabling protection design for maintaining the fiber bending radius.








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